Friday, February 25, 2011

Ilah's request,

Wazza! Okay Ilah requested for me to write one thing i like and dislike about her and Sarah. Lets start with..
*We can pretty much talk about every thing. ALL THE TIME!
#She only calls when she needs me. Kan?

*I know fo sho that your funny bone is still intact! Get what i mean? AND your cookies!
#She always with her kampung! kihkihkih


Finally, i got my midnight snack from sarah!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To all V Fans!

Hello again guys! So today i would like to inform all you V lovers that a new episode of V is now on air! Go on watch it now!
Okay but i know most of my blogger friends dont really know what V is, V means Virgin! Ngeh? No lah kihkihkih it is actually stands for Visitors. As in the THE VISITORS! Here's the trailer of the show. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do Nothing Day?

Oh hey! My classes are canceled! HO YEAH! But the funny bit is that the 11am class was supposed to be conducted online, but apparently the lecturer tak seberapa sihat lah bak kata dia. Jadi kenapa cancel kalau class tu online sahaja and boleh sambil demam buat? hihi whatever lah, as long as i dont have to drive all the way to UM. Okay i know some of you are wondering about how online class is done, here's a snapshot!

my name is there! :)


Ma' Happy 22nd Birthday!
*salam cium tangan*

Your son,
Ujang (tak ingat lah dulu kau panggil aku apa)

Monday, February 21, 2011

21 Feb 2011

Hey people!

Yeah i know, im now back on blogging. AMAGAD, it has been a while since my previous post. I don't think anyone would even realize this post but anyway.. today in history, ProM is now the official so called ruling party in UM. Some of you may not know who they are but lets just put it this way, this is NOT GOOD!

Oh oh, let me show you my 22 year old look. Ready? HAHA

Monday, August 31, 2009


if i missed out anything, do update the list for me :)

(Taken from

Unofficial list of Bazzar Ramadhan. Collected from various resources which some from last 2-4 years ago. Please do not blame us for fault information if you find those Bazzar is not open anymore. Risk on your own. In the mean while, please help us to update or add this list for the good for ourself in the future. Thanks buddy!

Petaling Jaya:
* Seksyen 17/1A
* Seksyen 14/27
* Lembah Subang
* Desa Mentari
* SS 8
* Damansara Damai (Vista Business Centre)
* Stesyen Bas Jalan Othman
* Kg. Baiduri, Seksyen 51A
* SD 13/2, Sri Damansara
* Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara Damansara
* Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara
* SS 8 Sungai Way
* Seksyen 7 Kota Damansara
* Damansara Damai (Apartment Idaman)
* SS 6/1 Kelana Jaya
* PJS 8
* Pelangi Damansara
* Taman Medan
* PJS 6/3 Kg Lindungan
* Taman Sri Manja
* Pasar Taman Dato' Harun

Subang Jaya:

* USJ 7
* USJ 4
* SS 18
* USJ 1
* PJS 11/2
* Summit Shopping Complex Open Car Park

Shah Alam:
* Seksyen 2
* Seksyen 17
* Seksyen 18
* Seksyen 20
* Seksyen 25
* Seksyen 28
* BBSB Fasa 1
* Subang Perdana
* Stadium Shah Alam
* Seksyen 27
* Seksyen 19
* TTDI Jaya
* Pekan Subang
* Seksyen 7 Tlk Dewan Seksyen 7
* Seksyen 18/34
* Seksyen 18/42
* Tlk Restoran Daud Seksyen 6
* Tlk Dewan Seksyen 16
* Taman Subang Pinggiran
* BBSB Fasa 2
* BBSB Fasa 3
* Seksyen 24
* Seksyen U10
* Bukit Jelutong
* Subang Suria (Jalan Matahari)